Meet our UK Patient Coordinator – Mim Dickens

Hello and welcome! My name is Mim Dickens and I will be your UK & Ireland patient coordinator. I’m here to guide you through your cosmetic surgery journey. From your first enquiry right through to the completion of your one-year post-operative care. I will always be happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and I am excited about helping you through every step of the way to a body you can be comfortable in.

Dr. Karlis Verdins, MD, Certified Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgeon, over 500 procedures annually

A highly acknowledged surgeon, with over 10 years’ experience in Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgery.
The surgeon performs over 500 procedures annually.
Specializes in:
· Breast augmentation with and without implants
· Breast lift (Mastopexy), Breast reduction
· Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
· Eyelids, arm reduction
· Reconstructive microsurgical procedures, hand surgeries


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12 Reasons to choose us

English speaking medical team

All of our medical personnel are fluent in the English language to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your cosmetic surgery journey with us.

A highly acknowledged cosmetic surgeon

Our head surgeon Dr Karlis Verdins MD, is highly acknowledged and has over ten years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Karlis Verdins MD performs in the region of 500 surgical procedures every year and annually attends cosmetic surgeon meetings and congresses.

Luxury treatment for less

5-star treatment for half the price of the UK. With us you get an equivalent or higher standard of care than that of a private clinic in the UK, for just a fraction of the cost.

UK and Ireland patient coordinator

You get your very own UK based patient coordinator, who is dedicated to making your cosmetic surgery journey run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. From the first point of contact right through to your one year follow up. Your coordinator will always be happy to answer any questions or queries, no matter how big or small.

Fresh and comfortable recovery rooms

With our luxury, bright and spacious en suite rooms, you’re sure to feel comfortable and at home during your stay with us at Cosmetic Surgery Riga.

24-hour monitoring and medical care

During your stay with us in a beautiful private floor of Jurmala hospital, you will be monitored day and night by our highly commended and experienced nursing and medical team.

Prompt appointment system

We do everything possible to meet your needs regarding arranging appointments. We could be ready to accept you for cosmetic procedures within as little time as a week after your surgeon’s review.

Help and support every step of the way

Your patient coordinator will be available to assist you by telephone or email, right up until your one year follow up post-surgery.

We can accommodate you and a friend should you choose to bring one along

You don’t have to go it alone, we can arrange for you to bring a friend or partner along to stay with you throughout your stay with us, for company or support.

Surgeon’s liability insurance

Our hospital provides surgeon’s liability insurance, for each cosmetic surgeon operating up to the value of 30 000 Euro.

Cheap and direct flights to Riga

With convenient and direct flights to Riga from the UK, operated by Ryanair, Wizz air and Air Baltic daily you’ll never be too far away from your dream cosmetic procedure.

Our patient reviews speak for themselves

Don’t just take our word for it! Read some of our glowing patient reviews.

Prices & What’s included?

Breast Enlargement with round implants (Polytech, Allergan) Package £ 2480 – £ 2950

Breast Enlargement with tear-drop implants (Polytech, Allergan) Package £ 2750 – £ 3150

Breast Uplift Package £ 2450 – £ 2680

Breast Uplift with implants (Polytech, Allergan) Package £ 2950 – £ 3450

Breast Reduction Package £ 2450 – £ 2680

Mini Tummy Tuck Package £ 1850 – £ 2480

Full Tummy Tuck Package £ 2480 – £ 2950

Mommy Makeover Package starting at £ 4100

Ear Surgery (both ears) Package £ 980

Upper Eyelid Surgery Package £ 980

Lower Eyelid Surgery Package £ 980

Upper + Lower Eyelid Surgery Package £ 1760

Arm reduction Surgery Package £ 1680 – £ 1950

The package includes the following:

  • 3 transfers: from airport to hotel to hospital and finally back to the airport (for packages above £ 2000)
  • 1 night accommodation in a hotel (for packages above £ 2000)
  • Consultation with your Cosmetic Surgeon
  • All necessary documentation and agreements
  • Blood samples for the procedure, ECG, x-rays of lungs
  • 2 day stay at the hospital (if the surgery is performed under general anaesthetic)
  • General or local anaesthetic, all medication
  • Cosmetic surgery procedure
  • 24 hour assistance, post-operative aftercare
  • Premium quality implants with lifetime guarantee from producer (for breast Enlargement with round implants)
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • The assistant surgeon’s fee
  • Nurses’ fees
  • Nutrition during stay
  • Discharge letter at discharge
  • Check ups
  • Support Garment worn after Cosmetic Surgery
  • 1 year follow up
  • The hospital has liability for additional medical procedures that must be done in Jurmala Hospital up to 1 month after surgery. This covers costs of up to 30,000 Euro.

This insurance only applies when there are cases in which the surgeon is to blame for any complications. It covers any cover any operations and/or further treatments etc. if there is evidence that our surgeon has made a mistake.

At present, we have never had a case in which this insurance has been needed or called upon. The surgeon and his team are very experienced, but it’s good to know that such liability exists, and you get it at no extra charge.

Additional costs (optional):

£ 180 – enough to bring a travel companion during your cosmetic surgery (2 nights at the Hospital).